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- Our Home Buying Process -



Initial Consultation

Tell us about your dream home and learn how our instant rebate program saves you thousands.

Be registered to receive notification of new homes on the market matching your criteria.


Obtain mortgage pre-approval and determine how much you can spend on your new home.

Your pre-approval letter indicates to home sellers you are a serious buyer.


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We'll schedule showings, and together we'll tour your selected homes.

Perfect Home: Found!

We’ll assist in determining the best price,
submitting an offer and negotiating.


Congratulations, You’re Under Contract!

We'll assist you through the entire process and successfully negotiate your contract.

- Next Steps -


Your lender will be provided with the sales contract, and we'll meet the property appraiser at the home.

  Home Inspection

We'll schedule a home inspector to visit your new home. If needed, we’ll create an addendum requesting repairs or negotiate the purchase price of the house.


We’ll verify an estoppel letter is generated, ensure the title is transferable and confirm there aren’t any liens associated with the property.

- Receive an Instant Rebate at closing -

 Use your rebate as

  • Credit towards closing costs
  • Credit towards your purchase price
  • Credit towards your home loan
  • Credit towards prepaid escrow

Final Walkthrough

Together, we will take a final walk-through of the home ensuring everything is satisfactory before completing the sale.

Your Closing: 

A virtual experience

Attend your closing using a computer, phone or tablet


How much can you save?

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